Recently I'm using my knowledge about composition, light and other image aesthetics to create motion images as well. I love creating video, as the factor time adds a whole new dimension to the images. Especially when cutting the video and adding music and sounds I realize, how much more emotionally any project becomes.
This film is primarily intended to show business partners of TROTEC that the air purifying devices are made in Germany. It shows the various phases from conception to production to logistics.
This short film is a personal project I did during the first corona lockdown.
CSB is a software company from Geilenkirchen. I recorded a video at their summer festival. It's more than just a nice memory for the employees, as the HR department also uses the film on social media (e.g. LinkedIn) to present themselves positively as an employer.
In this testimonial the principal of a Munich high school reports on the use of the air purifying devices of TROTEC in the hope of protecting their pupils and teachers from Covid 19.
Similarly to the video above, this is an interview - this time in a physio practice. While the therapist speaks about his experience, you can see a Trotec employee delivering the device, setting it up in the appropriate place and configuring it together with the customer.
This is a rather technical short film about a specially developed visual barrier, in which the challenge was to make the airflow visible. I achieved this in the studio by using green and red lasers.
I created this clip for e-commerce: animated photos with some text added for explaination to help selling the product.
This video runs on a loop on a display in the store, which is why it has no sound, but everything is explained by text to read in the video. This film was cut together from stock footage and contains photos and animations that I created with After Effects.
This video is an instructional film to help customers assembling a silencer module to their air purifyer.
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